Welcome to the TSA Tours online store! READ THIS PAGE FIRST!
(If you get the error message after creating a new account: "Object moved to here",
ignore it, then go back to the main store front page store.tsatours.com. It means that you were successful in creating a new online account. We are in the process of fixing that glitch. Thank you!)

Due to escalating credit card processing fees TSA Tours is forced to pass along a 3% convenience fee on all credit card charges.

You have THREE ways to send us a payment:

1. This website via PayPal with additional 3% convenience fee as described above.
2. Mail us a check payment (no extra cost to you).
3. Send an ACH or WIRE payment (no extra cost to you).

For ACH or WIRE payments please use the following information: https://tsatours.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/TSATours-New-Payment-Options-2022.pdf

Our WEBSITE is NOT connected to our main accounting system. 
Please look at your latest statement (paper mailed to you) for your accurate account balance, including any payment details regarding your particular group/tour.

Click here to either log in to your existing online account or create a new username and password. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: This is my first visit to TSA Tours online store. I’ve made payments outside of your website. Will my balance be shown on this site?

A: Not at this time. Refer to your paper statements for accurate balances.

Q: I want to enroll multiple people in a tour. Can I put all of them under my login/username?

A: We must keep the accounts separate for security and accounting reasons. Each tour participant will need to have their own separate account with their own Login and Password. Payments MUST be made on each account separately when paying balances on this site. If payments are made to one account, the payment will be applied to THAT account.

Q: How do I enroll for a tour on this website?

A: First, create an account if you haven’t already. Then, go to “Pick Your State of Departure,” on the top left navigation bar (OR search in the top blue bar for your tour leader's name.) Click on your state and then select your tour in the list to add it to your shopping cart. The minimum deposit/payment is $400 if you haven't already made a payment online. Click “Add to Cart.” Your next screen will be our Online Application form. Complete this page even if you have already filled one out on paper so that your online account has your participant information. At the bottom of the page select “Continue Checkout.”

Q: What about future payments?

A: After your application and $400 minimum payment have been processed and approved, you usually can pay any dollar amount you wish on future online payments. Once your account has been created, you may return to check your balance and make payments via the "Account" drop down menu on the blue bar.  Click on "My Account" to see previous payments, then click on "Make a Payment." Currently, our site does not show your balance, so please disregard the numbers here.  

Any questions? Call or email us anytime.

We look forward to planning your tour!



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